About Us


We are a faith-based organization that provides therapeutic care for children and families in need through education, family-style residential care, foster care, and adoptive services.

Personal Info

  • +254 721 382 644
  • info@srmcick.org
  • isaacchegero@yahoo.com
  • www.srmcick.org


Children's Home

The organization also has a children homes and sponsors the opharns and the less fortunate children to further their education.

Bible College

One of the major project is to teach and train people the word of God, this covers church planting, evangelism, mission and bible study. On completion, students are given certificate. This forms the basis for them to futher thier education in BIble study and social skills.

Professional Courses

The organization also offers basic knowledge in profesional courses such as computer, tailoring, carpentry, agriculture and e.t.c.

Water Projects

One of the major projects the organization is taking is building water pumps and springs for clean water.  

Health Projects

Some of the health facilities the organization runs offer free products such as free mosquito nets and sprays for mosquito.  

Sanitation Projects

The youths in the different faculties offer monthly services to the society by enganging in cleaning of the channels and clearing of bushes.


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